About Me

Nancy Campos was born in Miami, Florida in August of 1965. Nancy works predominantly in the medium of painting, including mixed media and photography and specializing in personalized pieces. She started painting with oils at the age of eight and completed her first public mural at the age of twelve. Nancy’s work can be found in a myriad of public and private art galleries and collections both in the US and abroad. She has been a part of countless exhibitions. One common thread in her work is the use of written language even when it’s unable to be seen with the naked eye. Nancy has always seen herself as a vessel, an instrument for the sole purpose of spreading God’s love and peace through art.

For what seems like a lifetime, Nancy has shared her gift, volunteering her time and talent to bring a moment of joy to others. Her character, NanaBanana brings smiles to people’s faces.

Nancy’s selflessness, love and generosity is unending. She contributes and donates to worthy causes every opportunity she’s given.

Nancy is a lover of nature, animals, and all things art. She incorporates fallen pieces of mother nature & discarded recycled goods in her art to create new, original masterpieces.

For more inquiries on submitting a special painting request, or if you wish to purchase one of her paintings from this sight, please send your requests to NCamposArt@yahoo.com